Oregon Alcohol Server Class
Oregon Alcohol Server Class

Alcohol Server Online Class

Renewing your OLCC Service Permit is as easy as
  Sign up and pay $25.00
  Complete Course and OLCC Test
  Submit permit application to OLCC

Oregon Alcohol Server Education  Important Message Click Here

Alcohol Server Classes provides an online class to help prepare for the OLCC Server Test. This course is formatted for easy use with no special computer training needed. Go at your own pace!

You must have previously passed a certified OLCC server education course within the last 7 years in order to take this class. This is a RENEWAL CLASS only. You can verify with the OLCC if you qualify to take this class. Call OLCC at 503-872-5139 or 800-452-6522, Ext 5139.

No refunds available once the registration/payment is complete; or if you do not qualify for a permit or fail the OLCC Test.

You will need a Proctor - A proctor is an adult resident (21 or older) This person is required to be present while you take the alcohol server renewal test.

Social Security Number - The OLCC requires a valid social security number in order to validate and process your service permit.

Before you take this class or After you finish this class, YOU MUST submit a completed OLCC service permit application to the OLCC along with their fee. If you passed the OLCC test and meet their qualifications, they will send you a 5 year Oregon Service Permit. A link for the OLCC application is provided below. The application and the OLCC fee is your responsiblilty.

Click here for an OLCC Service Permit Application The application and the OLCC fee is your responsiblilty.

To View Test Results Click Here

To View A Server Permit Application Status Click Here

To download the student handbook CLICK HERE.

System Requirements: Refer to the 'Help/FAQ' page



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Due to changes with OLCC testing our site will be down for updates starting May 1, 2018. If you sign up today you MUST complete your course AND final test before May 1, 2018. If you do not complete the test by this date you will be required to retake the course with a different site to meet new OLCC requirements.