Oregon Alcohol Server Class
Oregon Alcohol Server Class
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The Oregon Liquor Control Commission

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is the state agency regulating the manufacture, sale, and use of alcoholic beverages. It issues liquor licenses and service permits, and it oversees the Alcohol Server Education program. The OLCC is charged with enforcing liquor laws.

The OLCC is responsible for ensuring that liquor licensees and service permittees understand and obey liquor laws. OLCC employees work in cooperation with licensees and service permittees to help them conduct business in compliance with the law. OLCC inspectors monitor the sale and service of alcohol. They can issue administrative tickets and criminal citations to licensees, servers, and customers who violate the law.

As part of its education responsibilities, the OLCC administers the Alcohol Server Education program. It sets standards for the program, certifies providers and instructors, and approves courses. OLCC employees monitor the classes, online courses, and evaluate the instructors to ensure that they are accurate, consistent, and effective.

Oregon is a liquor control state (like its neighbor, Idaho). As of June 2012, there were a total of 18 control states. In liquor control states, the state, rather than private businesses, sells packaged distilled spirits. Through its liquor stores, the OLCC raises about $200 million in revenue each year for state and local governments. In Oregon, private businesses sell packaged beer and wine, and serve beer, wine, and hard liquor by the drink.

Five Oregon citizens are appointed by the Governor to serve, without pay, as OLCC Commissioners. They grant, refuse, or cancel liquor licenses and service permits, approve liquor products for sale in Oregon, adopt rules and set policies for the sale and service of alcohol, and act on liquor law violations.

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) are the laws passed by the legislature. Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) are adopted by the OLCC to interpret and implement the statutes passed by the legislature. Both statutes and rules have the force of law, and both are updated frequently. Owners and servers with questions about liquor laws should contact their local OLCC office.

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