Oregon Alcohol Server Class
Oregon Alcohol Server Class
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The Course

YOU must send in an application


Other than taking the course and completing the OLCC test within the course YOU must send in a formal application to the OLCC to get your service permit card.   

Once the OLCC has received your test results from ABC, the OLCC will match it up to the completed application YOU send to them. Please read a statement below from the OLCC.

"Before or after you finish this class, and complete the OLCC test you'll need to submit a completed OLCC service permit application to the OLCC along with their fee ($23.00), then if you pass the OLCC test and meet their qualifications, they will send you a 5 year Oregon Service Permit."

More information from the OLCC about the application process: READ CAREFULLY

"If you download the service permit application, print 2 copies. Clearly complete (by printing or typing) all the spaces on a service permit application before your first day mixing, selling, or serving alcohol. Then have an authorized person, usually your employer, verify your age and identity and sign the both application copies. Make sure your application is completed and mailed to the OLCC with the appropriate fee ($23.00) by the end of your first day. Keep the 2nd completed copy with you at all times while at work, this copy is your temporary service permit. Service permits must be made available upon request by OLCC Inspectors or Law Enforcement personnel."

"You should receive your 5 year service permit about 14 days after the OLCC receives your completed service permit application, OLCC fee, and you have passed the server education test (which will be given at the end of this class)."

A link for the OLCC application to their website is provided on the home page or simply type in "OLCC" in your search engine and go to the OLCC website server education area.


This course was structured to follow the OLCC's Model Curriculum. This material was written by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) to provide liquor licensees and service permittees with an understanding of the following objectives that the state legislature set for the Alcohol Server Education program:

  • Oregon's Alcohol Server Education law.
  • Drunk driving laws and liquor liability statutes.
  • Oregon alcohol sales and service laws.
  • Effective alcohol server intervention techniques.
  • Advertising and marketing for safe and responsible alcohol service and consumption.
  • Alcohol as a drug and its effects on the body and behavior, especially driving ability.
  • Effects of alcohol in combination with commonly used legal and illegal drugs.
  • Recognizing alcohol dependence and where to get help.

As an alcohol server, you have a key role in preventing underage drinking and drunk driving, so a principal goal of this class is to give you hands-on practice in checking ID and stopping service to intoxicated persons. The Alcohol Server Education Program is designed to reduce the number of intoxicated drivers and accidents and injuries which are alcohol related.

Servers and establishments can be held liable for damages if they break the law, most commonly by serving alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person (VIP) or to a minor.  The goals of the OLCC's Alcohol Server Education Program are to help you in your job as an alcohol server to realize your ability to:

  • positively influence social behavior,
  • reduce the number of intoxicated drivers, and
  • reduce the deaths, injuries, damages, societal problems, and costs resulting from the misuse of alcohol.

Oregon was the first state with a mandatory Alcohol Server Education program.  The idea for the program did not come from the OLCC, but came from the hospitality industry, which requested the alcohol server education law to protect alcohol servers, establishments, and society in general from the problems associated with using alcohol inappropriately.  The idea behind the law is to teach alcohol servers to learn about liquor laws and to serve alcohol responsibly.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission is the state agency regulating the manufacture, sale, and use of alcoholic beverages.  It issues liquor licenses and service permits, and it oversees the Alcohol Server Education program.  The OLCC is charged with enforcing liquor laws.  It does not enforce labor laws.

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) are the laws passed by the legislature.  Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) are adopted by the OLCC to interpret and implement the statutes passed by the legislature.  Both statutes and rules have the force of law, and both are updated frequently.  Owners and servers with questions about liquor laws should contact their local OLCC office.

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