Oregon Alcohol Server Class
Oregon Alcohol Server Class

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SIGN UP Agreement

This is a RENEWAL course for obtaining a RENEWAL of an Oregon Liquor Service Permit.

If you passed your initial class or a previous renewal class within 7 years you qualify to take this renewal class. If it's been 7 years + 1 day, you don't - no exceptions. If you don't qualify to take the renewal class, you must take the initial server education class.

If you are uncertain if you qualify for the renewal course, call the OLCC BEFORE taking this course and they will look up your record. Call the OLCC at 503-872-5139 in the Portland metro area or 1-800-452-6522 and ask for Service Permits.

The following statement will be a permanent part of your Oregon service permit course data.

  • I know I qualify for this RENEWAL class.
  • I know there is no refund once I pay for the class, even if I do not pass the OLCC test or qualify for a service permit.
  • I know I must send the OLCC an application to renew my service permit and pay their fee. This is not the responsibility of the class provider and is not included with this class fee. (See theHome page or HELP/FAQ page for information.)
  • I know I need a PROCTOR to take the OLCC test. (See theHome page or HELP/FAQ page for information.)
I understand and agree with the above statement.

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